Availability Calendar

To view the availability calendar for…


Mid Season 2021 (May 21 to June 25, 2021 & Sept 6 to Oct 11, 2021), click here.
Low Season 2021 (Jan 1 to May 21, 2021 & Oct 11 to Dec 31, 2021), click here.


High Season 2022 (June 24 – Sept. 5, 2022), click here.
Mid Season 2022 (May 20 to June 24, 2022 & Sept 5 to Oct 10, 2022), click here.
Low Season 2022 (Jan 1 to May 20, 2022 & Oct 10 to Dec 31, 2022), click here.

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  • Only white indicates that the cottage is presently available.
  • The availability calendars display the name of the cottage (with a link to their complete listing pages), rental rates depending on the season, and when each cottage has been booked.
  • Our availability calendars allow you to sort depending on what you want to see. By default, the cottages are organized by the number of bedrooms they have. To sort by rental rate, right click column B (the rental rates) and click Sort A-Z. The cottages will then be sorted by lowest to highest rental rate. 
  • To read more details about any of the cottages listed, click the cottage name and click Go To Link. This will bring you to that individual cottage’s listing page. 
  • To look for a particular date, use the scroll bar to the scroll right/left to the date you are looking for. If it is booked, it will be highlighted in a colour (see legend). Note: some days will be highlighted in half, if it is only booked for the morning or evening as a check-in or check-out.